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For Employers

If you are an employer you face many challenges today… with the rising cost of healthcare, payroll taxes, 401k benefits, compliance just to name a few, the challenges keep growing.

Asset Preservation Solutions and our strategic partners can help you reduce your cost in many areas that will increase your cash flow. We can address areas of your business that will be most effective in providing solutions to your company’s bottom line. You keep your current vendor relationships: no changes are required to implement these strategies. Not only will this reduce your cost but it will reduce your employees out of pocket medical cost at the same time. A win-win for everyone.

In April of 2017, the new department of labor laws will take effect that will require employers to become more of a fiduciary regarding their 401k retirement plans. We can provide that fiduciary function for you and streamline the cost of your plan while identifying under performing assets that might be offered in your current plan.

Time is money when you own a business. If you would like to see how Asset Preservation Solutions can improve your bottom line and give you more time to grow your business please contact us and let us know what areas of your business you would like us to review.